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Most of us have not experienced times such as what we have in these last few months. Forced to isolation in our homes, whether with family or alone. For many, it has been depressing and filled with boredom and despair. A time of Chaos -- but out of chaos comes growth and hopefully new beginnings.What am I ranting about, you might ask? Artemisia Botanicals has always been about body, mind and spirit. One cannot be truly healthy without an equal balance of all 3 components. While most of us have escaped having Covid-19 destroy the body, for many of us -- our spirits have been badly damaged. Over the last few months a few of us have found joy in creating with crafts. As simple as it sounds, we have found something that we enjoy while we wait for our lives to return to something we can recognize. So basically, we want to share something that has given us enjoyment, pride and helped to pass the time.

We are proud to bring magical stamping to our friends. We have already started bringing in some supplies and await the rest. We will also have classes and demos on how to work with stamps, papers, stencils and several other techniques we’ve been enjoying.

As the city opens up more we can, maybe, even meet in person to have “play dates”.  The goal is to bring fun and laughter back into our lives. If this sounds good to you, watch for our gala opening.

Aside from having a lot of fun with fairies, mermaids and witches (Oh, my!), I’ve been using the cards and crafts as magic. Most of it has been healing for those who got Covid-19, and for others that are afraid or depressed, etc. I even did one for unemployment insurance.

Magic empowers us and I’ve been using this as another tool. In reverence and mirth.

Anyway, check out our new mental health tools. Coming a little at a time.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay well, Stay sane



                For some history on the Salem Witch Trials, check out Backstory with Larry Potash.


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Along with great herbs and teas, we carry flower essences, tinctures, salves, soaps and oils to keep the body healthy. These aromas fill our shop with their beautiful fragrances!

Artemisia Botanicals was established in 1997 as an herb retailer filling the need we saw lacking in our community.  

In addition to selling herbs, we provide learning about plants and natural energies through The Green Witch School of Herbalism.  This program is offered as a nine-month course from March until November each year. 

Read more about The Green Witch School, and register, in our Classes Department right here at

Shop on line.  Or come in, relax and stay for a spell!  You will discover how great our shop smells from all the herbs and oils we use every day.

Once inside you will enjoy the complex world that is Artemisia Botanicals.


Come in, Relax and Stay Awhile!

Everyone comments on how great our shop smells because of all the herbs and oils we use every day.  Experience and enjoy the complex world that is Artemisia Botanicals. There is something for every body, mind and spirit. 

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